Our Services

The Inhouse Way provides professional advice and creative solutions to raise brand awareness and deliver results. We realise that not all businesses have an extensive budget for PR so we tailor our service to your exact needs, whether you require a retained service or just a one-off campaign or press release. No matter your size,there is always some way in which PR can help to promote you or your services and assist with your overall marketing strategy.


What you say, in print or online, has just seconds to make an impact but leaves a lasting impression of your company.

Award Entries

Award entries are a great way to get recognition for your brand, your products or your customers.

Event Management

Companies host events to promote an idea, cause or project that is important to the them and their target audience.

Community Relations

This is often overlooked, but engaging and building local community relationships can be one of the most powerful communication activities undertaken


At some point, most businesses will face reputational challenges, especially with social media channels exposing businesses to more criticism than ever before.


Including bespoke blogging and social media support - Helps to increase your online presence through building relationships.


Managing your reputation, proactively and reactively from writing, distributing and monitoring.

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